Insurance policies come in many forms such as; indemnity, limited benefit, major medical, Health Savings Accounts, HMO, PPO, and Supplemental. Plans will have different lifetime caps, stop-losses, benefit limitations, deductibles, and optional benefits. Those features are what makes each policy uniquely tailored to the individual.

Major Medical Health Insurance, and Health Savings Accounts
Affordable Care Act options are limited.

Short Term Medical

Individual and Family Dental Insurance and Discount Plans (On Exchange and Off Exchange ACA Plans)
Many plans offered-most are discount plan that can save more than any dental insuracne plan that you can purchase.

Term Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D (Rx) Plans, Medicare Supplements
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Plans including Medicare Supplements from AARP and Medicare Advantage Plans from UnitedHeathcare


This is not a complete listing of Medicare plans available in your service area.
For a complete listing please contact 1-800-MEDICARE or consult


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