Millions of Americans are currently uninsured for reasons such as:

- Self-employment

- Employer lay-off

- Moving to a new area / not yet employed

- Previously had insurance that became too costly

- Employer does not offer health insurance benefits

-Failure to prioritize self and family needs

-Inaccurate information about the value of securing health and life insurance



Can You Afford Not to Have Health Insurance?

Consider the fact that you already have purchased auto insurance and home insurance. What was the basis of your decision to purchase those types of insurance? The answer is simply to protect yourself from loss that you would not be able to deal with financially. Which would you consider to more valuable.....your personal health and well-being, or the car or home that you own?

Your overall health is determined by genetics, family history, diet, and the lifestyle that you maintain throughout a portion of, or for, your entire life. You may never consider the costs of health related problems until you are afflicted with an illness or have suffered due to a accident resulting from someone else's negligence, or simply, your own carelessness.


Health, Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance are more of a necessity today than ever before. Many people do not consider health insurance a necessity, but a luxury. Itís easy to forget the importance of being insured until you actually experience a serious illness death, or accident and are suddenly faced with medical bills that you are unprepared for.

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This website was created for those who want to learn more about the importance of securing health insurance, how to plan for unexpected medical expenses, how to benefit the most from your health insurance plan, and as a tool for those interested in creating quotes and reviewing plans in the privacy of their home.

I currently market individual policies, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D products, individual and family dental plans, Term Life, and Long Term Care Insurance.


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