So, you want to hear my personal story on living well in 2009?

Most of my childhood and adult life I tended to be on the thin side and fairly athletic. In my childhood days,  I wasn't one of the "chubby" kids that had a Mom that let their kid eat all sorts of junk food coupled with the fact I always had plenty of chores to keep me busy.

Into my 20's I lived by myself and had learned to cook and to eat at home more often than not and stayed away from the "fast food" places most of the time. I wasn't one that was much for "working out" but maintained a lifestyle of playing tennis and staying active outdoors.

As I rolled into my 30's my body began to change. I was more active but I was also eating more, eating late very often, and was drinking more soda, juice, and alcohol. I exercised regularly but that didn't stop the man-gut from appearing. I was in decent shape but could not get my body to do what I wanted it to do. Sure my arms looked good but overall I didn't look the way I wanted to. I thought exercise was the answer to everything and I was wrong. Throughout most of my 30's it was pretty much the same routine with the same results and my waist went from 32" to 34" while my weight increased from 160 to 185.

Into my early 40's I maintained a weight of 180-185 and a waist size of 34".

The major lifestyle change came when I was 44 at the end of 2008 and who could have guessed how it all came to fruition? Let me tell was a blessing.

I met a young lady who I started dating in late November of 2008. She was 41 years old, very petite and alluring, and had captured my heart at the time. I had not dated anyone I had liked for quite some time and rather unexpectedly I took on a completely different outlook on health. It was not something that had been planned but somehow my intentions were to "look" and "feel" as good as I could for the person I was with. (crazy, right)? Maybe it was more than that but to this day I can't put a finger on anything else so I give her the credit by default for inadvertently creating this desire within myself.

What changes did I make in my life that produced the changes that occurred? Let's start with the amount of alcohol I was consuming. Several drinks at night with the combination of fruit juices were adding 700-1000 calories to my daily caloric intake...and worse off they were in the form of empty (simple) carbohydrates...essentially large amounts of sugar! Combining the previous with a high carbohydrate intake (from food) and my glycogen levels were overflowing causing a rise in my caloric intake and triglyceride and cholesterol levels, eventually adding unwanted weight.


The Road to Success

Step 1
I adopted a low carbohydrate mentally and severely deceased the amount of alcohol and fruit juices I regularly consumed. A diet consisting of a large amount of flour, potato, and rice products of the white variety, were all converted to whole grains and whole wheat products only...that meant with bagels, muffins, pasta, bread and the sort.

Step 2
I increased my protein intake substantially to provide the most effective building blocks for increasing muscle mass in the body. Protein shakes with added fresh fruits and vegetable juices became a staple for daily life.

Step 3
I examined my sleep patterns and my eating habits...not only what I was eating but when I was eating what I did and when I was sleeping and how much restful sleep I was getting on a nightly basis.

Step 4
I examined my emotional state of mind and realized I worried all too much about everything. I took on a "roll with the punches" attitude and became more accepting of things that I could not change and starting changing the things that I had control of with an "I can" attitude.

Step 5
I re-grounded myself spiritually. I got myself back to studying God's word and back to church at least on a weekly basis and embracing more of the Christian ideals rather than fighting them.


The Results

Subject: Male, 44 years old, 5' 11", 165 pounds
Blood Pressure-120/80Body Mass Index: 23.1 kg/m2
Fasting Glucose Levels-78Waist-to-Height Ratio: 0.45
Triglycerides-77Percent Body Fat: 8.5%
Total Cholesterol-129Lean Body Mass: 150.9 lb


Additional Results

-Eliminated the "man-gut"!

-Waist has trimmed back to a lean 32"

-Need less hours of sleep to feel completely rested

-Established a daily regime of exercise comprised of singles tennis, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, running, and biking combined with a minimum of 3 days of complete body workouts that takes 30 minutes or less for each session.

-Diet has changed and the way I think about nutrition and staying healthy has changed forever.

-Implemented a new way to live well and know that it is realistic to maintain a promising and rewarding lifestyle for a lifetime.


I feel better, I look better, I am better.

I am living well!


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