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My studies of dietetics and current lifestyle experiences have compelled me to write about the epidemic we face as a nation...people not living well...physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am working on a small publication and have chosen to summarize several key points of selected areas that I address.

Living Well is a complicated matter of relativity from one individual to another and
combines the dynamics of the physical, emotional, and spiritual stability in our lives.


Physical Stability

- Maintaining a normal height to weight ratio

- Following a realistic exercise routine for life

- Having annual physicals with complete and detailed lab panels, X-ray, and EKG

- Consistently challenging your body with diversified physical demands


Emotional Stability

- Getting "enough" restful sleep

- Eliminating negative relationships and developing positive relationships

- Conditioning the mind to be proactive and productive

- Controlling our environment at home and in the workplace

- Coming to terms with the difference between needs and wants


Spiritual Stability

- Praying for others

- Projecting thankfulness for the things we have

- Understanding and living with a purpose of life

- Maintaining a consistent relationship with God


Factors affecting the quality of our lives:


-Physical Age

-Exercise Levels

-Physical Habits

-Eating Patterns

-Sleeping Patterns

-Thinking Patterns

-Existing Health Issues

-Hereditary Inclinations

-Financial and Employment Status

-Family, Social, and Romantic Relationships


These are all real life attributes that contribute to each day of our lives
either positively or negatively to our goal of living well.

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